Who we are

PEPE Network is a PEPE net. It is a cooperative connection created to facilitate the initiatives spread and possibilities to a better development and strengthen of PEPE program in the world. The net is promoted by the following signatory organizations:

ABIAH - Brazilian Association of encouragement and support of the Man

JMM - World Board Missions of the Brazilian Baptist Convention

Pepe Network’s Role

PEPE Network exists to:

- Ensure that the management of the signatory organizations act according to the Pepe Network Alliance.
- Propose, approve and monitor the policies to reach the organizational purposes and governance practices, strategic guidance, succession process of the counselors, relationship with strategical partners, internal control systems.
- Follow the execution of the budget of the signatory organizations of the programs PEPE Brazil and International.
- Follow and validate the results of the work of the committees( of efficiency, pedagogical and human development).
- Support and supervise the management of the strategical planning, of risks and of people.