PEPE of Honduras celebrates the independence!

In Honduras, PEPE is an oasis making the difference in the lives of many children. The missionary-educators, with a lot of love and dedication, guide de children, giving them an integral care. They also teach them to love and honor the country just as they have done with the children of PEPE Eleonora Valle, in Intubicá, who went out on the streets with their flags, typical clothes, playing tambourines and marching happily celebrating the Independence Day. The joy was big because at the same day they could celebrate children day, receiving from the missionary-educators a beautiful party with gifts, games and a delicious snack.

Before this scenario that we live at a world level, we can find thousands of children who are victims of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. According to UNICEF, 3 out of 5 children who lost the school year in the pandemic time in the world, live in Latin America and Caribbean. Yet, according to UN, at least 40 million children in the whole world lost the preschool education, which is so important for them to succeed in their studies.

Honduras, a beautiful country from Central America, has a little bit more of 9 million inhabitants, from which 66% (6 million) live in poverty, and from these, 45% in extreme poverty, living with less than 1 dollar per day, including in these figures thousands of children. It is also the second biggest country in extension, but with a little developed economy, what makes of it one of the poorest countries of the American Continent.

The great missionary Paul recommended to Timothy: “pray for the ones in authority, for them to have a peaceful and calm life, characterized by devotion and dignity.” (1 Timothy 2: 1,2). It is exactly what we teach at PEPE: to pray for the country so that they understand that only in God they can have peace.

Pray for Honduras, for the team and our coordinator of PEPE, Alejandra Milla. That PEPE may keep growing to change today many lives that in the future will make the difference in the country.

Carmen Ligia
Continental Coordinator of PEPE Americas


Breaking barriers to take hope

In the community of Bique, in West of Panama, we can find happy children at the PEPE unit Manancial de Vida, which was born in 2016. With the pandemic arrival in the country, in March of 2020, the presential classes were interrupted, and only in July we could return with the remote modality, like requires the Education Ministry to preserve the lives of children and missionary-educators.

In 2020 we could close the school year keeping the remote activities, with all the efforts of all our missionary-educators, with 12 children receiving all the instructions, now virtually.

When it was announced that this school year would continue with this modality in 2021, the missionary-educators thought that the parents would not register their children. They got very surprised, when the parents accepted the challenge to follow up their children on the first steps of their education.

And today we continued strong, waiting to pass this pandemic, but keep working virtually or semi presential, because in PEPE Panama children are in first place!

Belén Peñafiel
Coordinator of PEPE Panama

Jobs for unemployed parents of our PEPE children

Two parents of our children from PEPE unit in the local community get jobs after more than a year unemployed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Everyone around the world is facing different kinds of problems due to pandemic. People, who depend on daily wages, are now without any type of income. This is also happening here in South Asia. We are facing great challenges with the unemployment increasing in our country. Many companies, offices, shops were forced to reduce their staff to continue operating. Others had to shut their doors.

As we were visiting PEPE families in the community, we noticed the despair of many families that lost their jobs, and did not have how to supply their basic needs. From that moment on, we started praying to the Lord about how we could help them. 

And the Lord showed me. I started researching jobs for them on agencies and with some contacts I have. As a result, I got an interview for Krishna on a printing department and for Pramod on a security department. Thanks to God both of them passed on the interviews and got the jobs. Other 15 went out for interview as well, but they were not selected. I am still helping them to look for new opportunities.

Let’s keep praying for God to open doors and bless more families of our PEPE children, in order to change this hard reality we are facing.

Vilas Raypure
National Coordinator in South Asia

Translated by Halima Ferreira

Fresh and clean water for the Pepitos in Dili

The Feesca Baptist Association in the capital of East Timor is blessed with the donation of artesian filters which reached families of PEPE and from the local community. 

A group of Brazilian missionaries, who works with the cousin of our National Coordinator there in East Timor, when noticing that right after the floods, the population of Dili started suffering to get drinking water, as the rivers were full of mud,  found a way to help them. 

Then they were able to get the needed materials to build the artesian filter.  Our PEPE team gathered the families into small groups to distribute and teach them how to build the filter. 100 families got the artesian filters. 

Our pepitos and their families in East Timor now will have access to drinking water which is one of our essential needs. 

Lets pray for our pepitos to have their needs supplied there in East Timor. And keep receiving not only the drinking water, but also the Living Water who changes lives. 

Halima Ferreira
Regional Coordination of PEPE in South Asia

PEPE in Senegal works with the inclusion of deaf people

The Deaf PEPE of Senegal - Ephata is a project that has provided quality preschool education holistically. This action of World Missions is the result of the work of the missionary couple Walter and Alzira, who already worked with deaf people. Seeing the need to include children, an awareness-raising work was done with families who timidly joined the project.

Inclusive education or special education is not yet a reality in the country. In addition to the lack of schools that meet this need, there are still other cultural barriers that leave deaf boys and girls excluded from the educational system.

The lack of economic resources is an impediment for families to send their children to the few existing schools that are concentrated in the capital Dakar. The religious worldview is also a blockage. Many Senegalese believe that deafness is a curse or punishment resulting from the sin of parents.

Moreover, there is a belief that the deaf child is not able to learn. As if all this were not enough, these children also suffer all sorts of violence. To try to protect them, the parents leave them hidden at home, because a deaf child can suffer insults and even physical aggression in the street.

At PEPE, these children have found a place of hope and respect. With a teaching adapted to their needs, some goals have been achieved. Among them, the demystification that deaf children are not able to learn; and the improvement in the self-esteem of these boys and girls. Also in the social education program, deaf children have the opportunity to learn sign language, which facilitates their communication. Despite the adaptations in teaching, they follow the program like any other child in their age group.

In PEPE there is a differentiated care in childcare, as they are seen as an integral being. Thus, it is not only cognitive skills that are worked on, but also socio-emotional skills. Likewise, spirituality is developed through Biblical stories told chronologically and through the personal witness of the missionary-educators. Also, children undergo dental brushing daily and receive guidance on oral health through POPE - Preventive and Educational Dentistry Program.

Care and inclusion teach these children how much God loves them and has a world of opportunities for them, far from any limitation.

Thanks to all the brothers in Christ who are already part of the PEPE Deaf of Senegal - Ephata with their prayers and offerings. You have been the voice of God that helps transform the lives of these little ones.

José Ricardo Nascimento
Continental Coordination PEPE Africa

Translated by David Balmant do Espirito Santo

Coming Up PEPE NETWORK SECOND GLOBAL CONGRESS 2021 "A conference from educators to educators"

It is with great enthusiasm that we are preparing our PEPE Network Second Global Congress, an 100% digital event. The event will happen on November 19th and 20th of 2021, starting at 10:00 am (Brazilian’s time).

The Global Congress is a yearly meeting which aims to stimulate the communion with God, promote the fellowship and ensure the quality formation of all PEPE cooperators 32 countries of operation, there are 31 countries of operation of PEPE International through the JMM and PEPE Brazil, promoted by the Brazilian Association of Encouragement and Support to Men (ABIAH).

This congress will also give an opportunity to the general audience to know the fruits of this ministry, which has reached thousands of children around the world, granting the access to a prep pre-school education as a practical action and showing Jesus’ love.

The Global Congress will bring together distinguished names from the following areas: Mission, Education, Community Development, Health and Integral Care. The general audience will be able to participate in the plenary sessions that include lectures, celebrations, and much more, accessing live content through JMM channel and PEPE International channel on YouTube.

This is the largest event ever developed and includes all the Missionary Educators/Facilitators, Coordinators and Cooperators of the implementation of PEPE around the world. We intend to equip our agents and train them to lead to "the new normal" on a post-Pandemic education with actions that strengthen the local PEPE according to their vocation.

You are our special guest! Follow us on the social media.

Soon, we will bring more information.

Connect and train yourself for the exercise of new practices.

General Coordination of PEPE Brazil and PEPE International.

It is never late to serve God

In PEPE Venezuela we met Marlin, our dear area coordinator whose history of life reaffirms it is never late for us to serve God. For many years, when she started her career in the pedagogical area, Marlin was the responsible for the national project of literacy, called “ACUDE”. Therefore, as she knew PEPE, she immediately sympathized with the project and got involved, delivering her time and heart to help the children.

But what draws our attention is her age: she is 71 years old! The community, children and their family are impacted by her love, and it breaks us, because it tells us that there is no age limit to serve God in PEPE. She is loved by children, respected by the missionary-educators, admired by PEPE’s team, and valued by the Community. Love showed by actions, this is Marlin!

The state of Anzoátegui is one of the most affected by the political and economic situation that has plagued all the country. The situation in this place is sad, but we see how God brings hope to many children and their family, through sister Marlin and her team in PEPE Venezuela.

We should follow the example of Marlin and the prophet Ana that, being 84 years old, never left the temple, adoring God day and night, fasting and praying, talking to everyone about Jesus, as we see in Luke chapter 2.

May God send us more sons and daughters, no matter the age, may they join PEPE to give hope and a new tomorrow to help each Venezuelan child.

Ruth Saraid Cordero
National coordinator of PEPE Venezuela

Carmen Lígia – text edition (portuguese version)

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos

Ex-pepita becomes a national soccer player

Goooooooal. Who said that dreams do not come true? Today our little girl is an important soccer player.

In 2008, the family of Luz Maria left Assunción, her homeland, and moved to Arroyos y Esteros, a city in the countryside of Paraguay, looking for better living conditions. One day, her mother wanted to participate of the mass, but she found the church closed. That is when she heard a group singing with much enthusiasm.

Curious, she walked to the place where this group was. Thereby, she arrived at the Baptist Church of Arroyos y Esteros, where she had an amazing encounter with God that changed the course of her life. In the following week, she brought her husband and two children to worship and, days later, everyone was baptized, testifying the power of Christ in their lives.

That is how Luz started to study in PEPE Semillita Israel, where she gave her first academic steps. She continued studying in Baptist School Israel, in the same church, until she completed the sixth grade. Luz loves music and she became a drummer in the church, using her talent to praise God.

But she also loves sports, especially soccer. Luz became a high-performance athlete and she excelled so much that today she plays for Cerro Porteño, a famous team of the first division of Paraguay. With much effort and drawing attention in her team, she was selected to defend her country in the South American Championship and in the Libertadores Cup.

We praise God for PEPE Paraguay, which has taken the love of Jesus to many children, and pray that our Luz Maria keep representing the light of Christ wherever she is.

Pr. Javier Gallarza
Coordinator of PEPE Paraguai

Text Edition(portuguese version) – Carmen Lígia

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos

Koguis, new ethnic group reached in Colombia

Mounzekh! This is how we say “good morning” in Kággaba, the language of koguis, an ethnical group which lives in the mountains of the Serra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia. They believe that before the mother of the world, the sea, appears, it was only darkness. They need to know the truth of God and, with this purpose, PEPE arrived to them.

We have been impacted by a picture where all children are-barefoot, because the scarce resources that the country gets only cover the food. We are trying to get shoes and food for the children and soon they are going to receive vitaminized rice that that was donated through a partnership.

The Koguis goes through rough social patches and among them there is the lack of education for children. There are no educational establishments, and they live far from the main cities of the region. Because of this, they can only start studying when they are around 12 years old. But, to the glory of God, this reality is changing.

We set up a unit of PEPE with 40 children there and they have been taught in their own language and culture, since the missionary-educators are from the community. A curious fact about them is that the Koguis people are always dressed on white clothes, because wearing another way would be considered a betrayal to the culture.

Among more than 100 native communities in Colombia, we are already present in two: Wiwas and Koguis. Now we dream in arriving until the Arahuaca children. I count on your prayers so this dream can come true.

Adalci de Ávila
PEPE Colombia national coordinator

Carmen Lígia– text edition (Portuguese version)

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos

Foolproof love

The complex humanitarian emergency in Venezuela increased malnutrition and food insecurity in all ways, reaching one in every three Venezuelan children, according to the estimations of UNICEF. Many of the children rights are at risk because of poverty. Therefore, in response to the nutritional needs, PEPE Venezuela DOES NOT STOP!

PEPE’s coordinator, sister Ruth, and her team took on challenges of not only feeding the heart of children, but also the stomach. Through the project Há Fome no Mundo (There is Hunger in the World), of World Mission Boards, it is possible to take food to children. Even with the difficulty of access to internet in Venezuela – many times to participate on our meetings it is necessary to climb a tree to reach signal – and with the weekly battle to get fuel, the distribution of the Enriched Flour did not stop.

Now, imagine the face of each child, their families and even the missionary-educators receiving the love of God in a comprehensive and tangible way, through enriched flour. I get emotional imagining the children seeing the arrival of a motorcycle, a bicycle or sometimes wagons or horses with their enriched flour.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Mathew (25:40)

We thank God for all the provisions, for the love of our coordinator and for each sent offer through the Brazilian Baptists, who have enforced the mission of serving with love each Venezuelan boy and girl.

Ruben Gonzalez
PEPE South America Regional Coordinator

Translated by Débora Cristina Ribeiro dos Santos